• 4x4 - Our well known 4x4 routes are a total of about 10.4 km long and are perfect for beginers as well as the more experienced 4x4ers. 
  • Hiking – Hikers are free to enjoy 200 hectares of land boasting almost all of South Africa’s indigenous trees, and plenty of game and wild life.
  • Mountain biking – We have 2 awesome mountain biking routes. The lemon and herb is the easy one and peri-peri is a bit more challenging for the more experienced riders. 
  • Dam – the dam is the centre of attraction at Karee Krans. There is a foofie slide over the dam, canoes to play in and plenty of tilapia and carp to catch.
  • Stream – The river is a beautiful, peaceful place to have a braai or a picnic. 
  • Bird watching – Bring those binoculars and see how many different bird species you can find.
  • Fishing – We have a small dam hosting plenty of tilapia and carp as well as a stream running through the farm. Kids can have great fun messing around with their fishing rods.
  • Swimming – Guests are welcome to swim in the dam and in the pool.
  • Canoeing  – There are canoes available for guests to play around in the dam with.
  • Obstacle course – Come and test your strength and agility on our super cool obstacle course built in the blue gum forest. There are also 2 foofie slides at the obstacle course.

Once entance has bEen paid, all these ACTIVITIES ARE ABSOLUTELY FREE!!!


4x4 costs = R250 per vehicle.

For day visitors this covers up to 4 people

For campers this is paid once for the duration of your stay

We have 3 4x4 trails, all together 10km long. They are all natural and run over the mountains, through the kloofs and streams and offer beautiful scenery all along the way. 

There are 36 obstacles ranging from a grading of 2 all the way to  grade 5 and are suitable for beginners as well as experts. 

All the obstacles are named, the A route is funny Afrikaans names, B route is song names and C route is movie names. Each obstacle is marked with a board so you can't get lost and the difficult obstacles all have bypasses. 

4x4's can come as day visitors, camp or stay in the log cabin. 

Booking is essential

Mountain bike routes

Costs - R70 per person

We have 2 awesome mountain bike trails. 

The "peri-peri" route  goes up and around the mountain, then has a steep downhill which ties in with the "lemon & herb" route consisting of winding little trails through thick bush along the stream.

The "peri-peri"route is for the more advanced while the "lemon & herb"route is for kids and beginers. 

Mountain bikers can come as day visitors, camp or stay in the log cabin. 

Booking is essential

Book a day function

We have 4 separate areas that are great for your next function. We do year-end functions, birthdays, family get togethers, bachelor parties and any other functions you may require.

Make your booking now

Day visitor costs = R70 per person

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