How to organize a successful camp

We know how difficult it can be so here are a few tips:


Get a quote for your camp plus a transport quote and work out the rate per person.


Send a letter to all the camper's parents telling them about your camp with the dates  and the amount to be paid. Advise them that at least quarter of the money needs to be paid by the 1st of the next month. 

You need to be firm with them on this one and make it clear that only those who have paid their 25% will be going to camp. If you don't do this you will have a nightmare getting final number of kids and final arrangements done.


Confirm with the venue if the dates are still available and pay the 25% deposit to secure your dates.


Collect the rest of the money from the campers and make sure it is all in at least 1 month before camp.


Send the final number of campers to the venue and pay the final amount 3 weeks before camp


Book and pay for your transport


Give all the campers the list of what to bring and make sure their parents have signed the indemnity form.


Remember to bring the indemnities and come to have an awesome camp!!!

Important things to take into consideration


If you are planning to self cater remember:

  • Bringing cooks will result in you having to pay for their accommodation too
  • Camp venues are used to cooking for groups and know what quantities to cook and what kids do and don’t enjoy
  • Camp venues know where to shop to get the best deals and bulk discounts
  • During camps time keeping is an important factor and camp cooks know how long it takes to cook every meal so that they are ready on time every time
  • There are costs involved in the time and petrol spent to go shopping for your own supplies
  • Food takes up a lot of space when having to transport it to camp
  • Inevitably there will always be something forgotten or left behind when self-catering resulting in unnecessary stress and extra shopping trips which are often far from camp
  • Over or under catering when self-catering is often a problem leading to either hungry kids or wasted food
  • Venues charge more for accommodation and charge for kitchen hire if self catering so it does not really work out cheaper at all


If you are planning to do your own activities:

  • ​You need dedicated staff to keep the kids busy all the time
  • No matter how good your staff is, they are not familiar with the venue so cannot use it to its full potential, meaning that you will miss out on a lot the venue has to offer
  • Bored kids will wine, complain and get up to mischief. Are you up for that?
  • Our activity programs are designed to teach valuable life lessons and make the whole experience of the camp. If you don't do our activities you are missing out in 80% of the value of the camp. 

Good luck with all those arrangements and we will see you soon!!!